3 On the Go Remedies For Anxiety That Are Proven To Work…

Man touching his forehead and black squiggled lines over his head indicating stressThe sensations of anxiety and stress are physical and emotional responses from your body to perceived dangers (that aren’t always real). It stems from back when we had to be wary of predators like lions, tigers, bears…

…however it’s often the little things that put us over the edge: phone data not working, traffic when you’re running late, losing or misplacing your keys.

All hope is not lost though, there is  hope to beat this kind of stress with some adjustments that you can do on your own wherever you are.

Try These Simple On the Go Remedies To Get Rid Of Anxiety:

Start Applying Lavender – By adding lavender essential oils to your daily routine you can start feeling relaxed wherever you go. Just apply a drop or two to a cotton ball or your finger and rub your forehead slowly.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake – Certain coffee and energy drinks have WAY more caffeine than you actually need and leave you with the jitters and extra energy that makes you feel anxious. Bypass this by:

  1. Opting for smaller servings of coffee
  2. Try going with lighter caffeine drinks like white teas and green teas

Practice Lightning Gratitude Sessions: When you are feeling overcome with negative energy and thoughts practice a quick exercise I like to call Lightning Gratitude. Here’s how it works:

  1. Grab a piece of paper or open the Notes app in your phone
  2. Think of the first thing that makes you happy in life and write down “I’m so grateful for __” or “I’m so happy to have ___”
  3. Keep listing things as they come into your head. By getting into a more positive frame you’ll crush negative thoughts.

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